Ferrous Loop & Bar Magnets

If you have thought about why there is an “ferrous loop” in the bar magnet, it is time to be aware of the concept of magnetic field lines surrounding a bar magnet. The magnetic field lines are that are created by magnets’ attraction and repellence. A force referred to as “flux” is one example of such attraction.… Continue reading Ferrous Loop & Bar Magnets

Basics of Magnets

Magnets Magnets are objects made from specific elements that create a magnetic force. All magnets have at minimum two poles: north and south. The magnetic fields lines exit at north end and reenter at south end. Even though a magnet has been cut into many pieces, it still retains its north and south poles. Researchers have not… Continue reading Basics of Magnets

There are Many Science Firms in America.

There are many Science Firms in America. They are experts in many scientific disciplines. Johnson & Johnson and Apple are two of the most well-known companies. They have American manufacturing plants that produce a wide range of technology that is used all over the world. These technologies include information systems, nanotechnology and health sciences, as well as industrial… Continue reading There are Many Science Firms in America.

Childrens Science Teaching Toys

Kinds of Childrens Science Teaching Toys As a science teacher, I have often thought that children’s science instruction toys are better targeted towards those between the ages of seven and five. But that’s only me. The general population tends to think about age appropriate toys as the ones geared for people between two to eight… Continue reading Childrens Science Teaching Toys