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Instagram, from a successful leader to helpless followers

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October 2010, Instagram online App Store, quickly became the most popular picture taking and sharing applications. Instagram’s success opportune occupy multiple factors.

First, instagram will be simple, high quality, efficient core elements of the app to make full use of them, although pictures, share, filter, and point Like Comments are not its first, but the selection of the filter section 11, a square uniform composition, a Share key to mainstream social platforms together can allow users to very quickly take out a literary and beautiful photos and share it with their friends. Especially today has not changed any natural filters allow 11 models “Lomo” camera to take pictures of the traditional way of completely digital. Even now just a photo processing app which can be found in hundreds of filters, I still use instagram to deal with, for the simple reason, 11 has been completely enough, why the needle in the haystack to choose from among a few thousand filters effects summoned up the courage yet.

Secondly, buy real active Instagram followers launched the timing coincided with the rapid rise of the App Store, users need this new, convenient and very “mobile Internet” applications. Phone camera capabilities and more, traditional card camera gradually eliminated from the market. Many app also explore how to take advantage of increasingly powerful mobile devices and the Internet to do more things, such as Photoshop will move up the phone and tablet – it proved to be the wrong way. At that time, the emergence of tipping Instagram, rapid accumulation of a large number of users. So if Instagram does not release out at that time, there might still be an additional application to do what it has done. It’s like 911 achievements BlackBerry as: “Do you think that you have created the era, the era is actually created you.”

It’s all happened before Facebook acquired Instagram.

April 2012 Facebook announced cash + shares, totaling $ 1 billion bid to acquire Instagram. Facebook There must buy the truth, Instagram must have a reason to sell. Mark Zuckerberg promised “Instagram will operate independently”, Instagram began his round of new business and new features to try.

Let’s look at Instagram followed several important changes:

By the end of 2012, Instagram for the first time will want to try to commercialize in the updated Terms of Service label will be entitled to sell the user’s photo, and this behavior caused an uproar that CEO Kevin Systrom had to quickly explain representation and do not sell users photo.

2013 June online video capabilities, the biggest change is functionally regarded as Instagram on the line since this action, although compared with Viddy and Vine have been late a lot, but after the video function released 24 hours and still have uploaded a total of more than 5 million videos. But the video has not been able to hot up, Instagram or using pictures that sharing community.

Then in December, direct on the line. This is somewhat similar to snapchat has somewhat similar features, while IM has a commercial possibility, still can not get rid of the resentment Facebook to “burn after reading” type applications. According to Fortune after the news, there will be 25 percent of people per month use this function, no more official richer data can not judge the success of this feature, however, is too secluded location and has long been an established user habits and reading that burning applications are emerging at least let me more than six months probably only send photos over 2,3, 4,5 photos received, half of which is just on the line when it happened, and has not read a photograph friends – he does not know how to use this feature.

After these two functions did not get much success, at least not change Instagram play, users can still use it to useless social, advertisers are unable to insert too many video ads, and, compared to only use Instagram photos synced to handle many platforms, many users will use another application to capture and share video Instagram platform, Instagram is the content production platform into a content analysis platform is not a good thing, but is made with many platforms as you can always give up a. Instagram, or Facebook and can not be reconciled so that he had to share a photo processing and leader in the field, pioneer, successful in other fields must also share can have a bright future!

Then we see, we have recently launched a Bolt and Hyperlapse two applications. Bolt which can be regarded as a direct evolution, Hyperlapse is extended video capabilities.

Obviously, “Instagram-style” photo sharing road has almost come to an end – the filter can not be increased (now a picture processing has become very complex), try several models did not get a particularly good response time, Instagram want to use their own successful model to achieve the same success in the two new road. But the results are not satisfactory.

In another two on the way Instagram is not the pioneer but a follower. At first, there are many applications attempt to follow, imitate, copy Instagram, ultimately did not succeed. Now, Instagram also want other people’s way ……

bolt contains a point of sharing pictures, short videos, revocation information, a key to send and burn after reading, but it is not the first to do so in the app, so not even bolt the world on-line App Store. Hyperlapse only a shooting time-lapse photography function. Ordinarily this is just a video processing has become a stand-alone application, only users really want to shoot time-lapse photography works when it will open, completely contrary to the simple Instagram was able to produce high-quality content approach. Although the team can use technology to make the video algorithms become professional, but no solution has been holding a cell phone user to shoot duplicate content feeling irritable.

Holding tens of millions of users have no way to be converted into revenue, photo processing and sharing this road almost come to an end, the opportunity to see pictures and video social IM on the road, but just chose to follow.

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